The Reverse Planning don’t break down LLC hierarchies or try to suggest Orders “intelligent”

Getting started with Reverse Planning
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The Reverse Planning is not breaking down hierarchies like the MRP planning is doing.

So, whereas the MRP planning is rather intelligent in trying to suggest where to place orders and how to move orders, the Reverse Planning just display critical items and doesn’t do any depending planning.

This means, as an example, if we run the plan here on all items up till 3,000, it will suggest some lines in here, something like 10 lines, and we could suggest which quantity to order and be aware here that the quantity to order suggestion is displaying a very simple number here on quantities.

So, it’s not based on specific dates or an algorithm on when to do it, just you have a lack on those items related to the parameters you gave.

So, what would you like to do? For instance, making production orders on those quantities.

It’s rather simple, but it’s not intelligent.

And it didn’t break down the demands for those two items, the component lines and the component of those orders, etc.

This means if I’m creating those two orders now, I’ll just do it, create the two orders on my bikes, and it goes into the quick journal that looks like an MRP journal.

And we create the orders like this.

So, now we have made two new production orders, which means when we calculate next time with the same parameters for the Reverse Planning, we have made two new production orders making more component demands that will display here.

And again, if I’m creating production orders on my back wheel and front wheel, which are auto production item, those will create further depending demands, creating new lines.

So, basically you have to run this as many times as you have hierarchies in your low level hierarchy.

And theoretically, you could run it first on level one, then level two, etc.

if you want to.

So, Reverse Planning is not breaking down hierarchies as the MRP planning.