Fields on the Request page that relates to other Apps

The fields in the Request Page
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

When you run Reverse Planning, we have some fields that relate to other apps on AppSource, and those fields don’t make any sense if you are not having those apps installed.

It’s the field Use Assigned Quantity from Sales Line, and the fields include purchase handlings, and the Use Assigned Quantity from Sales Line refers to the app assigned quantity on AppSource, and that’s a soft reservation tool for assigning quantities on Sales Line in order of appearance, so, it’s like a soft reservation, but without doing reservations.

If you’re using that, and you have a sales order with quantity of 100, for instance, and it only assigned the 80, when you checkmark this one, it will take the 80, quantity 80 from the sales order and not the actual quantity.

So, this is one app that integrates to Reverse Planning.

The other one is the Include Purchase Handlings, and that’s if you have the app called Purchase Order Management, where you can handle new questions for your vendors asking for changes.

So, if you have a purchase order line with 100, and you have asked the vendor if it’s possible to get 120 instead, but the vendor didn’t confirm yet, you can select this one to use the quantity 120 or new dates that you have suggested, but if you want to use only the original quantity, you can deselect it.

So, those two checkmarks are used for those two apps.