If you plan with Dimensions then make sure to apply supplies with the correct Item Ledger Entries

Planning with Dimension filters
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

If you are running item availability per dimension for handle special orders, special customer, etc., you need to be very aware of that when you post in your journals, post on your orders, that you add the right dimension value.

Let’s see on this city bike as an example.

If I’m viewing the full graphical profile without any dimension code, it looks whatever nice and my end inventory is 90 in this scenario, so, everybody’s happy.

But I could have documents and item ledger entries without a dimension code, so, it’s possible for me to view the profile on dimension filter blank to see how that looks.

So, I can see I have actually supplies coming in without a dimension code, so, if my dimension are used for specific piles on inventory, those will be, so, to speak, free piles that everybody can use and I can add dimension code on those item ledger entry later on by reclassifying them.

I could also have viewed my inventory with a dimension different from blank, so, everything with a dimension code seems a little more critical here.

I have lots of demands with no dimension to it, and again, I could filter on one or several dimension.

So, with this functionality, it’s possible to do quite detailed planning or allocating items per dimension, but you need to be aware when you create order documents and you do postings on inventory to add those dimensions correctly, so, your inventory will be correct also per dimension.