Include Planning will prevent new Reverse Planning lines to appear on the same Production Order

Moving the Demand Dates of Production Order Lines
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

When I use Reverse Planning to calculate, suggest moving demand dates, I can include planning line as well as sales order handling lines to prevent the lines to get back in the planning journal while I’m working with them in the quick journal.

Let’s see how it works.

So, first of all I’m calculating my full move demand dates and I will accept all the suggestions in here and carry out, which means it creates sales lines handling in the sales journals as you can see here in a moment, right here.

So, it creates suggestions to move sales orders and suggestions to move in this scenario a lot of production orders in here.

Now I would expect if I calculate again and I include sales order handling lines and planning lines like this with the same filters, I would expect no lines to show up.

Because if I have changed some of the lines in my quick journals or I have changed demands or supplies, so, something changed in my scenario, let’s try to take a production order here.

This line production order number 153 in the end and we’ll just change that till 28th of March, for instance, same year.

Now when I calculate again, suggesting moving demands, it will look if the orders exist already or the reschedule exist in the planning lines and then do nothing.

But if it exists in this scenario, it moves one of the demands back and therefore it will of course try to move it forward again.

So, in this scenario I will only need to maintain the lines that I actually changed.

So, thereby it’s possible for me to use the quick handling journal lines to save my lines until I’m done planning.