Step 4: Find the most critical Purchase Supplies based on the delayed Sales Orders, and get the best from you Vendors

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The fourth step of my agile planning routine is to find the most critical purchase supplies based on my delayed sales orders and then to get the best out of my vendors let’s look at this in Business Central.

So, I have calculated based on my immediate purchase stage which sales orders to move and maybe some of the sales orders for instance this one is being moved too far ahead.

So, the sales people are not happy and therefore I would like to investigate which purchase item has made this delay and therefore I can navigate into the show hierarchy functionality that displays all the lines that are affecting this movement or could affect this movement and if I scroll right in the right side I can see how many days the effect is moved and some of them are replenishment production orders coming from lower level purchase movements and therefore I would like to filter on replenishment system purchase because that’s the most important issue to look for right now.

So, we can get the items in-house and then when I look at the dates that the different purchase items are moving or has to be moved I will of course focus on the longest or the highest date meaning the three one with 61 days and there’s another one here in 55 days that are interesting and if I scroll right now I can see three of them is actually the same production order that is being moved due to my chain item number 1310 and there’s also the handlebars is 55 days.

So, in this step I need to figure out what to do with this item and I will take a look at item number 1310 which is the most critical one I could enter my quick journal in here finding this item if it’s in here it doesn’t have to be it could be an existing order and then I’ll have to find all the open orders for this item and here we are sorry not this one this one.

So, the due date that we have guessed on May or maybe the we have talked to the vendor about we need to do something about this because this is the most delaying purchase items.

So, maybe we are flying it in instead or giving the vendor whatever more money or what we have to do and we’ll try all the best we can because this is the item the single item creating the biggest impact on our sales order movements.

So, maybe after talking to the vendor here it’s possible to move it let’s say we can move it until 25th of April like this and this way we will handle maybe we should also handle the the handlebars that had some movement this way we are handling the most critical purchase item getting the very best out of our windows.