What is the difference of the line type “Move Order Dates” and “Replenish Item”?

The function “Move Demands Dates”
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

When you run the move demand dates, the action message could be move order dates or replenish items.

Let’s look at the difference between those two actions.

I’m running the complete suggest move demand dates function, and on some items I will have move order dates, and on other items, on other lines, I will have replenish items.

And if we take an example like this, I will actually have on the same item, move order dates and replenish items.

If I’m twirling right, I can see it’s different production orders.

First line is an actual production order that suggests that I move from 12th of May to somewhere next year, and it’s coming from other lines on top of that.

So, the next three lines will be company lines, whereas the last one, an action message called replenish item.

And the reason for that is, of course, that it’s not possible to move the last one.

So, if you look at the graphical profile for this item, we could see here that the actual end inventory is zero, meaning we don’t have enough in stock, so, it’s not possible to move.

But it’s possible to move the first one and the second one into a positive period.

So, it tries to move everything that is possible.

If it’s possible, then the action message will be move order date.

If it’s not possible to do anything anyway, it will say replenish item, meaning when you calculate the critical item function, this should be caught by the critical item and you need to do something to create a new supply for this.