Include Sales Order Handlings will prevent new Reverse Planning lines to appear on the same Sales Order

Moving the Demand Dates of Sales Order Lines
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

In this video I will show you the functionality of the field include sales order handling, meaning when I don’t checkmark this field and I’m running a full move demand dates calculation, calculating all through my hierarchy to suggest which demand dates to move, and I have sorted out all my critical items that’s been somehow unstuck, so, it should be possible to move all of them.

Now if I’m scrolling down my journal, finding a sales order that it wants to move in here, and I will filter to the sales order value like this, and carry out the suggestion here.

I can see the new dates and due dates and new dates that suggest.

I’ll checkmark all of those in here, and carry out the functionality, carry out into the sales handling journal.

So, now they’re all here.

Just for the fun of it, I will change the due date on one of the lines to the 15th or the 14th instead of the 18th of July.

So, now I have one line that I’ve manually changed just to simulate the situation where the sales order due date is moved or something like that.

Now if I calculate again, without my checkmark include sales order handling, it will do exactly the same because it won’t look into the sales journal, and therefore I will repeatedly get the same line up again and again.

And that’s of course what I want to prevent because I want to be able to tell my sales people to move those items and then to leave them in a way that I don’t see them again.

So, let’s filter on the sales orders again.

I could see here on my filter that they all show up again.

Like before of course, I would have expected that.

Whereas if I set the checkmark, and I’ll just remain the filter here, it still runs through all the lines.

So, if I set the checkmark include sales handling line, when it suggests a new movement line, it will look upon the sales order handling and if it finds a line equal to this one, it will just leave it.

Whereas if the line is not equal, and that’s why I changed one of the lines, it will come up again saying you should change this one from the 14th of July till the 18th of July, which of course makes sense.

And if I carry out on this one, because the line already exists, it will delete the previous line or update the previous line.

So, when I carry out now, I will expect my lines to be updated with the new date, actually deleted the line and put it to the end here with a new date.

So, this is how my sales order handling line could be included and thereby I could just leave the line in here when I’ve told my sales people to handle them.