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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

When I calculate for critical items, there’s a field called only use SKU card down here, only use SKU card, and that’s a very nice field if you work with small locations like cars that you want to fill up, etc.

So, let me take an example here, I’m just running a location without the checkmark.

Reality is that I’ve only made few SKU cards on that location, it could have been a car for a service technician or a specific location in a sales shop that I only want to fill up with few of my items, but when I’m calculating with safety stock or reorder point, they’re all critical because they get below safety stock.

The normal MRP planning will react on actual activities on the location, but if there’s no activities, it wouldn’t show up.

In this scenario, everything shows up because it’s critical, whereas if I set the checkmark, only use SKU card, the functionality will look at a SKU card, if there’s no SKU card on that location for the specific item, it won’t do anything, and thereby it’s possible for me with the SKU card to determine which items to fulfill at specific locations.