Searching Batch numbers and remaining shelf life from complex search criterias

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to search batch numbers and remaining shelf life from search criterias with Master Data Information?

With Master Data Information, it’s possible to search on all the different entities containing master data, customer, vendors, item serial numbers, et cetera.

Transcription of video

In this example, I’m going to show you how it makes value to search on batch numbers, so that search functionality also applies to batch number. Let’s take an example of how this makes sense.

So, our Quality Controller Poul is controlling the item that we have produced. In this case, it’s a snack bar and it has a default expiration time of one year, so when we produce it it and put it on stock, it has an expiration date automatically calculated one year from now.

But what he also does is, on the lot number information in the master data, he actually enters the production date, even though it’s on the entries, we would like to enter it on this specific lot number. And why is that?

Well, let’s take the example over here on the sales department, because our Sales Representative, John here, he would like to sell this snack bar to a lot of different customers, but our customer, Mary, she has a very high standard to remaining shelf life, because she is selling to one of the big retailers on the market and they have claims for 75% of remaining shelf life.

Therefore, John needs to make a complex search, because he knows what day it is today, he knows the snack bar expiration date is normally one year, and therefore he could calculate that he wants to make a complex search of snack bars that has a production date later than this and an expiration date later than this, so you can actually search this specific lot number fulfilling customer Mary’s criteria.

And this is a way that you could search on batch number for all different kinds of industries. It would be the same in the electronic industry, the food industry, pharma, medicinenal devices, et cetera. They have the demands for making searches like that.