Different texts printed on Sales Orders, Posted Invoices and Posted Shipments – all flowing from Customers and Items.

For the Accountant and Key Account person
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to print different texts on sales orders, posted invoices and posted shipments?

Our accountant, Sandra, who is actually invoicing the customer needs to add text to the invoice we are sending to the customer that she would like to be able to set up as a flow from the customer card directly, but we don’t want the text to be printed on the sales order.

Transcription of video

So, we want to be able to distinguish which text should be printed on the sales order and carried to the sales invoice and even the sales shipment. So, this is all a setup. So, you can set up all kinds of text on customers and items and claims that should be done, specific things about handling the items that we only want to transfer to the shipping bill because nobody else needs that information.

So, it’s all a setup of master data. And then in the back end of the master data, on document setup you defined which of those master data information should be transferred to the documents. So, what is happening is this. All the information is actually transferred to the sales order when our sales rep is creating the sales order.

So it’s all there. But when you go into the information, there are some check marks or option boxes displaying should this be printed on the sales order or not?

So of course, the claims that we send to the customer that you could claim within 14 days should not be printed on the sales order because then it seems a little aggressive, of course. But on the other hand, it should be transferred to the sales invoice.

Whereas other information, it should be maybe only be on the sales order or the handling information only on the shipping bill, et cetera.

So, it’s all set up as a default and you can change it per document. So, you could even go in there and add more information or change it. So, when it’s all set up as a default, it’s just running through.

And you can set up per customer information only flowing to the sales invoice, meaning accountant Sandra can do whatever she would like with this information without John, who owns the sales order, being annoyed about that.