What is Bin Ranking and how does it work?

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you work with bin ranking?

The bin ranking functionality is available if you use location with the checkmark in directed put away and pick. On my bins, I can select a bin ranking on one of the columns here and I could set it to be whatever integer field and the higher a bin ranking, the more preferable the bin will be to be picked from.

This is what happens in the video

So, in this scenario, I have a bin ranking of four or two on my 11. bins, and if I look at my some of my production bins, the bin ranking is five on the dedicated bins, but zero on the other bins. Let’s see how it works.

I’ve made a sales order and I’m ready to make a warehouse shipment and from the warehouse shipment, I will now create a warehouse pick like this and open the warehouse pick.

And I would expect the warehouse pick to be from my bins with the highest bin ranking.

So, from bin 11.02, the quantity of 3, and 11.02, the quantity of four, sorry.

I can see here this is the bin from the bulk area and it has the highest bin ranking.

So, let’s try to delete the warehouse pick and try this scenario again with another bin ranking.

First of all, on my location, I will change the bin ranking on one of the locations and of course, I already know where the item is to be found.

So, in this scenario, on my bin 120.05, I’ll set the bin ranking to 5 which is higher than the 4 and 2 in the front. So, this is the only thing I’m changing is the bin ranking.

Back on my warehouse shipment, I’ll try to create a warehouse pick again like this and find the pick like this. And I would expect my warehouse pick to have selected the other bin.

In this scenario, on my production zone, if I want to change the bin code, I also need to change the zone code if I’m not looking into the same zone.

So, on the warehouse pick, I can drill down to the bin code and see where else it’s available or I could change the zone code like this and then I can look into all the bins where this item is available.

So, of course, it’s possible to change but the bin ranking can control which item or which bin to prefer to pick from.