What is an Inventory Pick and how does it work?

Outbound – Inventory Picking
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does an inventory pick work?

An inventory pick is a document we use for picking directly to a source document. Using inventory pick is depending on the location setup. So, for instance here, in my distribute location, I have made a checkmark in here, require pick, and I have no checkmark in require shipment.

This is what happens in the video

If I have also checked the require shipment, I would not use inventory picks, but warehouse pick. So, the inventory pick relates directly to a sales order.

When I’m only using inventory picks, it’s actually possible to do the posting directly on the sales order.

So, if I have a sales order here and it’s not even released, I could just change the quantity manually like this and I can also drill down into the bin code directly here and change the bin code if I’m going to pick from other bins that’s suggested here.

I could pick from wherever I want to and it’s actually possible for me to post the sales order on this location without creating an inventory pick.

So, meaning having the setup that we use inventory pick doesn’t mean that I have to create an inventory pick.

On the other hand, if I was actually creating an inventory pick from a sales order and it should be released.

To do that, I could create the inventory pick and what it does is create a document for the warehouse people, the warehouse employees and I could use for walking around my warehouse and it doesn’t contain any pricing information so it’s just the document with quantities and bins.

So, this is my pick document containing bin codes on which item to pick and in which quantities.

And likewise, on the pick document, it’s possible for me to change the bin if I’m picking somewhere else.

It’s possible for me to print the pick document somewhere here.

So, I can get an actual paper to use in the warehouse.

If I’m not using terminal scanners or handheld devices of some kind, I could just enter the quantity to handle directly on the pick like this, or I could have used the autofill quantity to handle functionality if it was exactly the same.

So, the pick, inventory pick tells me where to go, which quantities to fetch and then I can post it and it will post item ledger entries, it will post the sales order shipment