What is wrong if I dont see the Warehouse Documents?

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Why can't users see warehouse documents?

We often get the question that warehouse users don’t see the warehouse documents when created and I’ll show you what’s the common reason for that will be.

This is what happens in the video

In this scenario, I’m opening a sales order and it’s released I assume, and I will create a warehouse shipment and it says to me one warehouse shipment header has been created.

So, it actually created the warehouse shipment header, but -Oops- and it’s opening the warehouse shipment header here, but there’s nothing in it. That seems wrong.

And if I’m searching in my menu for the warehouse shipment in here. There we are.

I have no warehouse shipment and the reason for that would be that I’m not set up as a warehouse employee. So, it’s possible to create the warehouse shipment header from the sales order.

But if I’m going into my warehouse employee list, I can see that I’m not set up on that specific location, the location main, so I’ll just create a setup line for myself.

This means that now when I’m navigating from my sales order into the warehouse shipment or just finding it in here, I can see the warehouse shipment.

So, it’s because it’s filtering out of my view if I’m not set up on the location.

That’s a very common mistake and it applies to all inventory documents.