Physical Inventory Order – Counting per Rack, Frame or Bin

Internal – Inventory Counting For Simple Or Advanced Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you count per Rack, Frame or Bin?

On a location that uses bin or has bin mandatory, I could use inventory orders for counting though not on location with the directed put away and pick and the physical inventory order can be used for counting, for instance, per rack or per bin or per shelf.

This is what happens in the video

If I’m making a new physical inventory order and I want to calculate for a complete rack in my inventory even though the same item might exists on other racks, I could select the location code to count and from my menu, I could count per bin, and if I’m going to count on this location on all the bin codes that start with 11, meaning my bin code normally would be like 11.1 – 11.2 – etc.

And this would be the rack, the frame, the bin, and maybe the place on the bin, but in this scenario, I will just enter a filter with an extra racks for the rack number 11, meaning I will calculate everything on that specific bin.

So, it’s possible for me to actually make a document here and a recording for that specific rack.

If I print this now, I could see the rack in here like this.

So, this will be the complete document for me to visit and you can see those are all on the same rack.

So thereby, I could make a recording and print the recording and record it per bin, per frame, or per rack.