What is the difference between an Inventory Pick and a Warehouse Pick?

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What is an inventory pick and a warehouse pick?

There are some very important differences between an inventory pick and a warehouse pick. This is an inventory pick. It could be created directly from a sales order or it could be created manually and then I could import the source document in here, and I’m just going to do that to show you some of the differences.

This is what happens in the video

First of all, the inventory pick could be created like this. If I’m trying to get two source documents in here, it won’t be possible. It would only allow one of them.

So, it will automatically just select the second one and import that. So, there’s a one-to-one relation between an inventory pick and the source document.

When I am posting this inventory pick up here, it actually says posting that’s because I’m posting both warehouse entries and item ledger entries, meaning I will also create a posted sales shipment while posting it.

I have only one line per item that I need to pick. In this scenario, it’s a simple one with one pick only. And the line displays the bin code. This is where I’m going to take the item.

And when I post the inventory pick, it will post a warehouse entry out of that bin code and thereby reduce the warehouse. It’s not possible for me to assign a user ID on the inventory pick header.

Now, let’s look at a warehouse pick.

So here we have a warehouse pick and as you can see, we have fewer fields on the header on the warehouse pick and this is because it’s not possible to create a warehouse pick manually.

I don’t have any function in here saying new.

So, the warehouse pick will always be created related to a warehouse shipment, either directly from the warehouse shipment or from a pick journal. So, the warehouse pick is a more locked document.

On the other hand, I can have many different source documents at the same warehouse pick. So, I can have one or more warehouse shipments going into one warehouse pick.

In this scenario, I have both purchase return orders and a sales order and I could have had several of those.

And then, on the warehouse pick, I would have two lines per item I need to pick.

A tagline, an action type and an action type place line meaning I will have to go and find the item in my inventory on one bin code and it will automatically suggest to place it on the shipment bin code.

Meaning, when I am registering the warehouse pick that I’m not posting but registering, it will only register warehouse entries, meaning it’s a movement from my bin into the shipment bin, but I’m not doing any item ledger entry and therefore, we call it a register and not a posting.

I could also use breakbulk handling different unit of measures on a warehouse pick and I can assign a warehouse employee to the warehouse pick so I can distinguish between who will have to perform the pick.

So, there’s a lot more functionality in a warehouse pick and it’s always locked up to a warehouse shipment.