General overview of Outbound Warehouse Processes

Warehouse Management Overview & General Understanding
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does warehouse processes work on the outbound?

Let’s take a general overview of the outbound activities in the warehouse. I will provide you with an overview in this video.

This is what happens in the video

So if this is all the activities, you would like to focus on the right side on the sales outbound side.

So we have a sales order and from the sales order, we can create a sales shipment.

A shipment could be a document where many different sales orders goes into the same document meaning to different customers or different sales order to the same customer and we can create one specific shipment, which could create one pick.

So for one shipment, we can create a pick.

We could also create one pick out of several sales shipments.

Into the sales shipment, we could also have other documents than a sales order.

We could have a purchase return order or transfer order.

Those all create shipping documents.

So shipping documents is something we want to ship out of the house.

After creating the pick, we would like to walk around the inventory, pick the actual item and then put it into the shipping zone.

When we register the sales pick, the system will create warehouse entries.

where’s the pick actually just moving activities taking the item from the different specific warehouse bins and putting into the bin on the shipping zone.

So it’s a moving document from many bins into one bin in the shipping zone.

When we’re ready to pack the goods and ship it to the customer, we will pack it, wrap it and then we post the sales shipment and while posting the sales shipment, it will post item ledger entry and would also post the sales order.

So this is an overview of the outbound activities in a warehouse.