How to Put-away finished Items with an Inventory Put-Avay

Production – Consumption & Output For Simple Warehouse Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you put-away finished items with simple locations?

When I use location with simple setup, in this scenario, I have a distribution location without requiring request or shipment on the location card. I can post output from a production order directly from the inventory put away and I need to create a warehouse request to signal that.

This is what happens in the video

So in this scenario, I have a released production order and if I’m just looking into my inventory put away in this scenario now, like this, and I create a new inventory put away on the location that I’m working at.

If I’m drilling down into source number now, I can see all the warehouse requests that are ready to pick and this is not my production order so there’s no warehouse requests now, meaning the production people has not signaled that they are ready.

Whereas if I’m going back to my production order, clicking actions, warehouse, and then create inbound warehouse request meaning signaling to the warehouse people that I’m ready for them to come and pick up the item, now it has created an internal warehouse request, meaning if I go back into my inventory put aways, the one I just made, I could now look up into my source number and find the production order that we are talking about here and it creates an inventory put away.

It suggests here where to put the item and I can put it somewhere else because as a warehouse employee, I’m now picking up the item, putting it on bin number 11 or 3 or whatever, and entering quantity to handle, and now that I’ve entered quantity to handle, I will post the inventory put away, and after posting my inventory put away, if I go back to my production order, in here, I can now navigate into the production order in the item ledger entries and see that it actually posted the output directly.

So, I’m not using the inventory journal or the production journal necessarily, but I could just post my inventory put away directly and it posts the output quantity and it also posts the warehouse entries.

From looking into that, it makes a positive adjustment on the bin code that I have added.

So, this is the way to create a put away using simple location and production orders.