How to Put-away finished Items with an Internal Put-Away, after posting Output from Production Orders

Production – Consumption & Output for WMS Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you use internal put-away?

If I’m working on locations with directed put-away and pick; I will post the output from the production order just through a normal output journal. After that, I would like to move the item into the inventory and I could do that using an inventory movement, but then I will have to fill in all information manually.

This is what happens in the video

I can also create an inventory put-away from an internal inventory put-away.

So, we have the warehouse internal put-away which is designed to create internally a put-away from a bin code, and in this scenario I’m working on a production bin, on my item number in the quantity I have produced.

So I need to fill out the list information in this way if I’m using an inventory movement; I can also enter more lines in here. So if I’m taking many items that has been produced to put-away into the warehouse, it would be possible of course to do that as well.

When I’m done filling in all the lines, I could just create my put-away and this is not attached to the actual production order. It’s just a bunch of items I’m taking to create a put-away, and the point of doing this will be that it’s a little faster than the movement, but also, of course, if we take the warehouse put away in here.

That it will default suggest where to put it away. So it has a logic of suggesting the bin code, where to put it away. So if I have picked up from many production orders on a pallet, I create the internal put-away, sign all the lines, and then create the warehouse put-away and it gives me a document where to handle this functionality.

When I’m done here, of course, I would just register the put-away which will create a normal movement in my warehouse.