How to use the Warehouse Item Journal?

Internal – BIN Replenishment & Break Bulks For WMS Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What do you use the Warehouse Item Journal for?

If I’m working on a location with directed put away and pick, it’s not possible to post directly in an item journal. So, if I’m going to make positive or negative adjustments on my inventory, I need to go into a warehouse item journal. And the warehouse item journal is basically just posting warehouse entries. So, it’s posting negative or positive warehouse entries.

This is what happens in the video

In this scenario, I have prepared four lines and I can make a fifth one on item number – my lamp and whatever bin code where if I’m counting it on, for some reason, adding one or if I’m breaking one, let’s say on the other item number, I might have broken one, so I will remove on the same bin two pieces.

This way I can add quantities or subtract quantities from the bins.

So, this is an adjustment I’m going to do on my warehouse, but it’s not synchronized up into my item ledger entries until I run a calculation job, meaning they might pop up in another bin, and then I can just post again and do positive and negative adjustment.

This means from my warehouse item journal, I will just register the quantities I’ve done now, but it didn’t affect my item ledger entries.

So, if I want to synchronize my warehouse entries against my item ledger entries, I need to enter a normal item journal where it’s not possible to enter the warehouse location code, but it’s possible to use the function to calculate warehouse adjustment on a directed put away and pick location.

And this will calculate the warehouse entries against my item ledger entries and do the adjustments.

So, from my quantity on the item ledger entry level, this will be the one positive adjustment, one negative adjustment, and I can post it here and this will adjust my item ledger entries according to my inventory.

So, I need to do both journals for making positive or negative adjustments.