Using Internal Warehouse Picks for pre-movements to the production area, suggest where to pick the Items

Production – Consumption & Output for WMS Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you do pre-movements with internal warehouse picks?

If I’m working on a location with a checkmark in the directed put away and pick on the location card, meaning the full WMS, it’s possible to make an internal pick document and I can use that, for instance, to pick through a production order, but actually just creating a movement.

This is what happens in the video

So in this scenario, if I have components that I would like to pick more than this on the component line for the production order, If I create a warehouse pick, it would only handle the quantities that is actually required, but if I want to pick more, I could use either a warehouse movement to move the item into the production area, or I could use the internal pick document.

Advantages of that would be the suggestions of where to pick it.

So, If I’m creating an internal pick document manually and I’m aware where to put my item, I know that I’m going to put it in the production area near to my production bin.

I know which item to take and in which quantities like this. I could just insert the item number and the quantities down through the lines.

So maybe If I’m picking many items, I only need to state my to bin code once in all the lines and then I could create my pick and it will create a warehouse pick document for me that I will just find here.

So, the good part will be this is easier than creating a movement and it will also suggest where to pick the item. So, it fills in my bin code where to take the item in different quantities.

Maybe if the item is actually placed in different bins around the warehouse, this will be more intelligent suggestions and I can use breakbulk functionality, etc.

So, with the internal pick document, I can create a warehouse pick and when I post this warehouse pick, it will only post warehouse entries and it’s not fixed to a specific source document.

So, it’s actually a movement that I’m moving item into my production area.