What is a Warehouse Shipment and how does it work?

Outbound – Creating Warehouse Shipments
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does a Warehouse Shipment work in Business Central?

A warehouse shipment is a document to combine more than one source document, maybe several sales orders, or outgoing source documents like transfer orders, service orders, etc.

This is what happens in the video

So, a warehouse shipment is a way to bundle everything you want to go out of the house into one document that you can handle easily in your warehouse.

Let’s show an example here on location code warehouse center and you can fit document lines in many different ways.

One of them would just be to pick and mix like here. So, I have a purchase return order. Maybe I would include two sales orders and one transfer order. This way, I could just pick my headers on my outbound documents that are all released and press ok.

Now, I have one document with many lines and from this one, I could create warehouse picks if I’m using the pick functionality with bins as well and this document doesn’t contain any information about amounts, cost amounts and sales amounts and it only applies to remaining quantities.

So, whereas the related sales order might have a quantity of three as an outstanding quantity, but the original quantity being 20.

On the warehouse shipment, I only see the three then I’m actually going to ship.

So, this is a nice document for the warehouse people to handle.

And if I’m using pick functionality, it’s possible to create a pick on the bundle of all those items, on all those lines.

If I’m not using pick, I could just handle the warehouse document directly.

Either way, when I’m done, it’s possible to post the warehouse shipment directly from in here and this will actually post all the source documents, the underlying source documents that we are handling.

So, this way it is possible to both handle the items physically, but also to do the posting from in here.