What is the difference between an Inventory Put-away and a Warehouse Put-away?

Inbound – Inventory Put-Away For Simple Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How are inventory and warehouse put-aways different?

Let’s look at the differences between an inventory put-away and a warehouse put-away; those two documents are very different.

This is what happens in the video

An inventory put-away, which is my list here and it’s empty could be created manually. So I could press new and it assigns a location code that I’m set up as a warehouse employee on, and I could select the source document, but I could only select one source document. So if I’m trying to select both of them, it will actually only apply to the last one because there’s a one-to-one relation between the source document and the inventory put-away but I could create it manually, like I just did here.

It’s not possible for me to assign warehouse employee on the header and it’s not possible to handle breakbulk functionality because those functionalities both applies to the warehouse put-away.

I have only one line for each purchase line. So I just enter my bin code directly here meaning when I post this document and the two purchase orders I was fetching, of course, used this location code distribute, that doesn’t require warehouse receipt. So when I post this it will post the purchase order, create item ledger entries, and post directly on the bin code that I select here on the lines, where to put the item.

So as for now, the item doesn’t exist in my inventory at all. I haven’t received it yet.

But when I post this inventory document, it will be applied to my inventory, meaning, making item ledger entries, making a posted purchase receipt and making a posted inventory put-away. So there’s only one line per purchase order line. It’s not possible for me to split it, and I can fill in the quantity to handle on both line, and when I post it, it actually says post and if I’m posting it here, it will create all those entries. So it’s actually a posting creating both entries. This is an inventory put-away. If I’m looking at the warehouse put-away instead the warehouse put-away applies to the more complex location and it’s not possible to create warehouse put-aways manually. So I couldn’t go in here and select new, because the warehouse put-away source is created from the source documents, meaning purchase orders, transfer orders, sales return orders, when you post those documents.

So since this warehouse document is already here, there must have been purchase receipt that has been created and posted. So if I open this put-away document, the warehouse put-away; I can see on my source document list and source document numbers that it applies to different documents.

This means there was already a purchase receipt made with all those documents imported to it, and it was posted so those items are all already on inventory, but they’re all placed on the bin for my receipt, and you can see it out here it’s on the bin code 80. So for each line, I have a take line meaning take this item on bin code 80 and place it on whatever bin code it suggests that I could change in here. So I can change my bin code, where to move the item into the inventory when I do this put-away, but I need to take it on my receipt bin where I originally received it into.

I could use breakbulk functionality if I’ve placed the directed put-away and pick checkmark on the location and I can assign a warehouse user in here if I want to assign it. I could also work with sorting method etc.

So as you can see I have a warehouse put-away I can have more than one source document and I will have two lines per item or purchase line, sales return line that I need to handle, and I can work with those two line separately.

So this is the big difference when I’m registering this because it’s not called a posting here, it’s a registration because it only creates warehouse entries; it’s already received. So I already created the item ledger entries with the original warehouse receipt.

So with this warehouse put-away, it will only create warehouse entries, moving the items from my received bin code into the different bin codes that I add on the document lines.

So those are the big differences.