When to use Bins and for what purpose?

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Why use Bins in Business Central warehousing?

Using bins in Business Central gives you an opportunity to know exactly why your items are in your warehouse.

This is what happens in the video

So you might want to have zones if you’re working with the full warehouse functionality and on top of that, you could apply bins like this.

You might also just want to only apply bins and not using zones.

This is actually possible with the location set up where you just checkmark the bin field.

Using bins makes it possible to have one item that is stored in many different places in the inventory and make the system control that and manage the quantities and all the different bins, and it’s very cool because it’s easy to find the item and you get a very high accuracy on the inventory meaning everything is correct if you do the postings.

The reasons for not using bins is of course that it requires a lot more registrations in your warehouse.

Normally, you would like to have a handheld scanner or some kind of devices if you’re doing all those transactions because if you’re using bins, you need to do it consistently.

So the reason for using bins will be to know where all the items are on which places.

The reason not to use it is that it requires a lot of registration and those need to be correct all the time.