General overview of Inbound Warehouse Processes

Warehouse Management Overview & General Understanding
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does warehouse processes work on the inbound?

Let’s get an overview of the processes in the inbound side of the warehouse functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. I will give you an overview in this video.

This is what happens in the video

Let’s get an overview of the processes in the inbound side of the warehouse functionality.

So this might be all the company, all the processes, and if we’re looking at the inbound side, the purchase side, we will have an order document which is a signal to a purchase receipt.

And actually this signal will come from a purchase order but also from transfer order, it will not be a purchase receipt but it will be a receipt document.

It can also come from a sales return order.

So these are all inbound documents.

Once the good is received on the ramps, typically, we will receive the good, put it in the received zone and then we will register it on the purchase receipt with the correct items and the correct quantities.

When we post the purchase receipt, the system will create item ledger entries, and now everybody in the company can see the quantities in our item card in Business Central.

How many we have received but it’s not stored away in the warehouse yet.

So the next thing to do is that the purchase receipt would automatically, depending on your setup, have created a put away document and the put away document is meant to take the item and suggest where to put it in specific bins in the warehouse to store it away.

And when you post the put away document, the system will create warehouse entries which are detailed entries telling which item in which quantity are placed on which bin.

So maybe you will have the same item to be stored in different bins because you didn’t have room enough in one bin.

So this is the inbound processes in the warehouse.