Using Warehouse Movements to create a manual pre-movement to the production area

Production – Consumption & Output for WMS Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you create manual pre-movements to the production area?

If I’m working on a location that requires warehouse shipment, I will need to perform a warehouse pick for production order but if I want to move items into the production area earlier because, for instance, my item comes in boxes, then I can create a warehouse movement to move the item into the production or the bin near to the production bin that I want to post the warehouse pick from.

This is what happens in the video

So, in this scenario, I will make a movement manually with the movement worksheet.

And of course, I need to do this completely manually to figure out what I’m moving, where I am taking the item from. In this scenario, I will just go and pick it somewhere in the inventory.

Where I want to put the item near to my production area, the quantity I want to move, and then I could create a warehouse movement in here and use this document to send to the warehouse employee.

So now I have created a warehouse movement, like this, and be aware that the bin code that I should pick it from is just entered manually, meaning I’m not getting any suggestion on where to take it from in the inventory.

So, my point was that I’m going to put it into this bin, but I manually have to enter the bin code for where to take it.

If I’ve used an internal put away instead, I could get that suggestion more smartly, but now I can post my movement and then move the item near to the production area and I can create my warehouse pick from this bin into the production bin.