What is the difference between Basic Journals, Inventory Journals and Warehouse Journals?

What Is The Difference Between Basic Inventory & Advanced Warehouse In Business Central?
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What are the differences between the inventory and warehouse journals?

There’s quite a few documents and journals that relates to inventory and warehouse management functionality in Business Central. Let’s view the journals in Business Central and which areas they apply to.

This is what happens in the video

First of all, in the basic area, we have the item journal that is meant for making positive and negative adjustments on inventory at least saying from a warehouse perspective.

We have the item reevaluation journal that is meant for adjusting cost on items on stock and I’ve added those two journals to the basic functionality because they’re used for all four combinations of checkmarks in the location card.

Whereas the journals that we could call warehouse journals or inventory journals, I’ve added here because they only apply to the simple functionality, basic functionality, and advanced functionality, but not the WMS functionality.

So, the item reclassification journal can be used in the inventory to move items or to reclassify stuff likes serial numbers or lot numbers or even item numbers.

The physical inventory journal is used for counting and can be used when you use bin as well, also on the basic functionality, but those two journals does not apply when using the WMS functionality.

The checkmark directed put away and pick on the location card, then we have instead the warehouse item reclassification journal to do the reclassification, the warehouse item journal to do the positive and negative adjustments, and the warehouse physical inventory journal to count items on the inventory.

And those three journals all apply to the item journal meaning after posting in the journals, you need to synchronize up to the item ledger entry using the item journal.

And that of course also depends in the warehouse item reclassification journal on what you are actually changing, because if you’re changing lot numbers, you need to synchronize.

If you’re changing bin codes, there’s no bin code on the item ledger entry, there will be no synchronization necessary.