Inventory Pick for production using Simple Locations

Production – Consumption & Output For Simple Warehouse Locations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How do you pick for production with simple locations?

Let’s see how to create an inventory pick for a production order when you use a simple setup on the location card, meaning no requirements of shipment or receive.

This is what happens in the video

I will create a released production order directly in here for the example on item number 1250. Let’s make two pieces like this on a location code that we know is a simple location code.

I have my distribution location here and I will refresh the production order. This is all standard.

On the line now, I can see my component lines that are requiring the consumption and I can see I need two pieces and I need them to be flushed from my bin code 120, which is my production bin and the items are not there right now so I need to do the pick to get the item into the production bin and post them directly.

So, from my action menu, I will create an inventory pick, and in this scenario, I would like to create an inventory pick and actually post the item when posting the pick.

I could also create a movement and we’ll show that in another video.

So, while creating the inventory pick directly from the production order now, it has created a pick activity then I could find the inventory pick in here. It must be the last one. And I can see here where to pick my two items.

It suggests the bin where the item actually is and I can see quantity of 2 and 2 and I will enter the handling quantity like this, and the posting functionality actually says post, meaning it’s not just making a warehouse entry.

It’s also making a warehouse entry, but it’s also posting the consumption directly.

So when I post this inventory pick right now, and now it’s removed and I go back to my released production order and navigate into the entries, I could see that it has made both item ledger entries on the consumption for the two items and it has also made the warehouse entries that you can see here moving the item out from the bin that it was actually as.

So, I picked directly from the bin where the item was into the warehouse.