How does the Shipping Advice work?

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What does the Shipping Advice field do?

The field shipping advice can be set up on a customer card and is transferred to the sales order in the shipping section. So, the shipping advice could be partial and complete and I’ll show how it work and it’s possible to change on the specific sales order.

This is what happens in the video

So, on this sales order, it’s partial.

I have made two lines on the sales order on my warehouse location, and I’m quite sure those big quantities are not on my inventory.

I’m releasing the sales order and creating a warehouse shipment for this sales order. Now, one warehouse shipment is created successfully, even though I know this is not possible.

If I’m trying to create a warehouse pick, it will just not have any bin codes because I cannot pick anything. Let me just delete the warehouse request again.

Now, I will have to reopen my sales order to change the shipping advice and I’ll change it to be a complete shipping advice.

This means I will have to be able to ship the complete sales order, I won’t do a partial shipment.

So now when I release my sales order and I try to create a warehouse shipment, I would expect it to say this is not possible because it’s run through all the sales order lines and checks if the item is available on inventory to pick and ship.

So, if there’s no available inventory, I’ll get this error message.

So by this, I can make sure that my shipping advice makes it possible only to release the sales order if it’s actually shippable, and therefore when creating warehouse shipment for all the shipping advice being complete and over there will be all complete shipments.

This is how the shipping advice works.