A run through the fields on the Use Filter to Get Source Document function

Outbound – Creating Warehouse Shipments
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does the 'Use Filter to Get Source Documents' work?

When you use the Use Filter to Get Source Documents functionality, you’re provided with different filters or different fields you can filter on in your source documents. Let’s see how those filters work, and I’ll just run through all of them.

This is what happens in the video

So, the source document import will actually import from the warehouse request line.

So, they are only importing from the same table called warehouse requests that were created when you release your source documents.

You can filter on source number filter as the first one, meaning if you know that all the sales orders you have made between this and this interval, you would like to filter on that.

You could do that or if different salesperson uses different sales order number series, you can also use the filter in here.

You can filter on different items, item numbers.

You could filter on variant code, unit of measure code on the item numbers, and then shipment method code with this typical filter to use and the shipping agent code because it splits up the sales order into more logical parts also related to the way you want to create freight papers.

You can define if the filter request should default be shown or not with this checkmark and the shipping agent code and the shipping agent service filter.

So, it’s possible here to also use filters that come from the document headers.

If you default want to fill in quantity to handle, you can set this checkmark and then, of course, all the source documents you want to include in this filter.

Often you would only like to pick in one go for the sales order later for the other types of orders, etc.

Finally, you can select whether to include only partial or complete shipping invoice or both.

Then on the specific documents, you could filter for customer, for vendors, on the purchase return orders in this scenario.

For transfer orders with the in-transit code, if you’re using different transfer or in-transit codes, different cards on location that you use transfer orders for example, and for the service order also on the customer number filter.

So, if one customer has many activities, you could set a customer number filter and do all of the sales orders for that customer number.

So, this is the filters on the get source document field card.