Customer Card fields: Location Code, Shipment Method Code, Agent and Agent Services

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Which fields on the customer are relevant for the warehouse?

Let’s take a look at the customer card for some of the fields that are relevant for the warehouse. So, when you create a sales order and thereby shipments and picks, some of the fields is transferred and usable in the warehouse area. They all on the shipping tab.

This is what happens in the video

First of all, the location code is interesting, the ship-to code is not very interesting because it’s only interesting to the salesperson or the one creating the sales order and that will be the code that’s actually transferred to the warehouse shipment anyway, but the location code is interesting because the location code determines the default location on the sales order and thereby if it’s a warehouse location, simple warehouse location or basic location that we need to handle.

The combine shipment is not interesting. It’s about invoicing.

Likewise, the reservation, but the shipping advice is interesting because it has to do with if we accept partial shipments on a sales order or only complete shipments.

So, it will create some locking in the system if it’s set to complete and we should only be able to ship complete sales orders.

The shipment method code could also be interesting basically because we can filter upon it while creating warehouse shipment.

The shipping agent and shipping agent services is also interesting, again because we would like to bundle warehouse shipment for the same shipping agent that are coming to fetch the item and we may be also want to bundle according to the agent services.

The shipment agent services is a subset of the shipping agent fields. So, these are the specific services for that shipping agent.

These are some of the fields that are relevant when creating warehouse documents from the outbound side.