Posting the Warehouse Shipment deletes the document

Outbound – Packing & Posting Shipments
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does the warehouse shipment document work?

The warehouse shipment document is the document that we use to create the warehouse pick to run around the inventory and gather all the items and post them with a warehouse pick into the shipping bin.

This is what happens in the video

So now I’ve done all the pick and my warehouse pick is finished and everything is in the shipping zone and it’s ready to ship actually.

I haven’t posted my warehouse shipment yet because I’m awaiting the freight forwarder and it’s up to you to figure out when would you actually do the posting.

Normally, you would say that you should post it when it’s actually leaving the door because if somebody needs to repack it or do something, it’s too late when you posted it.

So, leave the warehouse shipment as long it’s in the shipping bin and you can prepare all the documents for the freight forwarders and all the packing and all the stuff.

Now, when you’re done and the freight forwarder will come and pick it up, you open the warehouse shipment, go to the posting, and select post shipment or post and print if you want to print the shipping bill as well.

In this scenario, I will not print the shipping bill and I’ll show you in another video how to fetch that.

So, when you ship the warehouse document like this, post the warehouse document, it will create a posted warehouse shipment as well as a posted sales shipment or purchase return order shipment, or whatever the source document was.

So, if I’m looking at my posted warehouse shipment now in here, this will be the last one that I just made.

This is what happens when you post your warehouse shipment.