What happens when you register a Warehouse Pick?

Outbound – Warehouse Picking
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What does the warehouse pick do?

Once the warehouse employee has done performing the pick and entered quantity to handle on all the picking lines, the pick is ready to be registered on the register function. And what happens when the pick is registered is that it creates warehouse entries but no item ledger entries.

This is what happens in the video

Meaning it only creates warehouse entries on the bin codes for the take and the place.

In the scenario, it will create a negative warehouse entry on three pieces on the first bin code and three pieces on the shipment bin code.

So, registering the pick is not doing anything to your inventory or your stock because it’s just a movement.

So, the actual inventory handling will be done from the warehouse shipment afterwards.

So, in this scenario, I have my warehouse shipment that the pick was made from and now I perform the pick, meaning when I’m posting my warehouse shipment now, it’s over here, when I post the shipment, this will actually create my item ledger entries that will take items out of my inventory.

So, in real life, this is also creating warehouse entries taking the item from the shipping bin, the place bin number 90, and shipping it to the customer.

So, this will create both warehouse entries and item ledger entries, but the pick is only a movement.