General overview of Internal Warehouse Processes

Warehouse Management Overview & General Understanding
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How does internal warehouse processes work in Business Central?

In a warehouse, we have different internal activities, which are not about picking or putting away stuff from outside the warehouse, but just to handle in the warehouse. I will give you an overview in this video.

This is what happens in the video

Most simple activity will be a warehouse movement where you take some items from a bin and you enter the bin code, item number, and quantity and add it to another bin with a bin code, of course.

The warehouse movement could be done ad-hoc meaning you just move some items because they take up too much space in a bin and you want to move it to another bin or it could be based on a movement document where another activity has created a document to tell you those items should be moved from one bin to another bin.

This could be, for instance, a refilling or fulfillment of pick bins with back-end items.

Another internal activity would be the inventory adjustment.

This is about adjusting the warehouse entries.

So if you place it on a bin and you look at an item and count it and it’s not comparable to what’s in the system, you need to do an adjustment, and you make an inventory adjustment on your bin which actually creates warehouse entries and then later on when it synchronizes to the item ledger entry level, it will maintain the item ledger entry as well.

Then we have a bin counting which is an activity to count a complete bin.

So if you want to count one complete bin with several items on it, you could do a counting activity and count all of it and you can maintain the date on that bin so we know that it was counted on whatever date and when you get to the annual or quarterly inventory countings where we want to count everything, you could count only those bins that haven’t been counted for whatever period.

So you can do inventory countings per bin or you could do inventory countings per item.

In a warehouse environment, you would normally count per bin because that would be the most easy and logical to do.

So this is some of the internal activities in a warehouse.